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WEARING: Sonoma Scent Studio Winter Woods

Guaiacwood, cedar, sandalwood, birch tar, cade, oakmoss absolute, castoreum, amber, labdanum absolute, vetiver, ambergris, musk.

A soft haze of smoke in the beginning with a leathery touch, drying down to a dry, woodsy amber.  Reminds me of a trailride through the woods in late autumn, the smell of a campfire in the distance.

READING: Cowboys Are My Weakness, stories by Pam Houston (excerpt below ... a scent-related one, naturally)  ;-)

Photo of cowboy in silhouette (top of page) can be found many places on the Internet (photographer unknown by me); photo of the 34-ml bottle of Sonoma Scent Studio Winter Woods is from the perfumer's website.

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Winter Woods can be purchased from the Sonoma Scent Studio website, in prices currently ranging from $18 for a 5-ml purse spray to $80 for the 34-ml bottle pictured above. Sample vials of all of the Sonoma Scent Studio fragrances can also be purchased there as well.

    "There are a few men who matter, and by writing them down in this story I can make them seem like they have an order, or a sequence, or a priority, because those are the kinds of choices that language forces upon us, but language can't touch the joyful and slightly disconcerting feeling of being very much in love, but not knowing exactly with whom.
    "First I will tell you about Phillip, who is vast and dangerous, his desires uncontainable and huge. He is far too talented, a grown-up tragedy of a gifted child, massively in demand. He dances, he weaves, he writes a letter that could wring light from a black hole. He has mined gold in the Yukon, bonefished in Belize. He has crossed Iceland on a dogsled, he is the smartest man that all his friends know. His apartment smells like wheat bread, cooling. His body smells like spice. Sensitive and scared scared scared of never becoming a father, he lives in New York City and is very careful about his space. It is easy to confuse what he has learned to do in bed for love or passion or art, but he is simply a master craftsman, and very proud of his work.


     "I’m afraid of what you might be thinking. That I am a certain kind of person, and that you are the kind of person who knows more about my story than me. But you should know this: I could love any one of them, in an instant and with every piece of my heart, but none of them nor the world would allow it, and so I move between them, on snowy highways and crowded airplanes.  I was in New York this morning.  I woke up in Phillip’s bed.  Come here, he’s in my hair. You can smell him.”

December 1, 2010:

Cowboys Are My Weakness, stories by Pam Houston, copyright © 1992 by Pam Houston (W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., New York, NY, 1992, pp. 153 & 155).