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August 23, 2010:

“A Dash of Chanel No. 5 . . . ”

Shelly, peat moss, please. 

Isn’t this dirt? Holling pots his crocuses in it. 

It will lend sediment and a nice earthy undertone. 

    (after Eve stirs and tastes)

It’s close. Vanilla. 

    (hands her a bottle)


Are you sure this is gonna work? 

Shelly, I once polished off a quart of Adam’s 50-year-old Laphroaig scotch. I was waiting for blood results—I was tense. All they had at the corner store was Clan MacGregor. I put in a little liquid smoke, a dash of Chanel No. 5, and—this is brilliant—sandalwood incense. Adam never supsected.
    (Stirs wine again.)
Of course, that wasn’t a ’29 Latour.
    (Tastes, then draws wine into an eyedropper and studies the color.)

What? What’s wrong? 

Let’s try a little more of the green food coloring.

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From "The Big Feast" episode of Northern Exposure, in which Shelly and Eve attempt to duplicate a 1929 Château Latour using table wine and other "ingredients."

Hopefully, I’ll have a perfume review later this week, but until then I thought I’d post this for any perfume lovers who might also be fans of Northern Exposure—the 1990s TV comedy about a fictional town in Alaska, called Cicely, and its eccentric residents.

(For those of you NX fans who need a refresher, this is the episode where Maurice Minnifield decides to throw a huge party for the locals in honor of KBHR's 20th anniversary.  He spares no expense for this shindig, flying in a French chef and his staff, enough sides of beef to create a first-rate demi-glace, and some uber-expensive bottles of wine. When Shelly accidentally breaks the bottom off of Maurice's bottle of 1929 Château Latour a few days before the party, she engages the help of Eve in secretly “replacing” the bottle’s contents.  Eve may be certifiably nuts in the hypochondriac department, but she’s also an heiress and married to a culinary genius.  All of which makes her crazy like a fox—and just the woman for the job.) 

Photo credit: image, top of page, is from the Northern Exposure fansite, The Alaskan Riviera