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March 26, 2013:

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A Week of Wearing What I Like: Day Two

As a cure for writer’s block, this week I’m going to do something different here at my perfume journal. I’m simply going to write one small post a day about whatever perfume I’m wearing, whether it’s something new or an old favorite, with a short description about the perfume itself, along with some random thoughts about whatever is going through my mind ... either free associations about the perfume, or maybe just a survey of what I’m doing that day which might have nothing to do with perfume (I haven’t decided yet). I’ll state right off the bat that this style of writing doesn’t feel satisfying to me; anyone who has read me regularly knows that I prefer to write a weekly essay that is more meaningful or more entertaining than what you’ll see here over the next five days (five days constitutes a week, doesn’t it?). But sometimes it’s better to write anything at all than to sit on one’s thumbs and hope that inspiration is going to strike, so with that in mind, here’s the first of these small exercises. (I'll be posting these at night, by the way.)

What I’m Wearing, Day Two:

Parfums DelRae Amoureuse.
This morning my back-up bottle of Amoureuse arrived, and I’m so wary of reformulations anymore that I felt compelled to spray some on right away, to make sure it was still my preciousss. Yes, thank heavens, it's still its exquisite self! I’m not generally one to buy back-up bottles (replacement bottles for my decanting business, yes, but not back-up bottles for personal use) because I believe that if a perfume I love is no longer available, whether due to discontinuation or a “disfiguring” reformulation, eventually a new love will come along. And experience has shown this to be true: every year I fall in love with two or three new perfumes that get added to my collection, and every year I wind up giving away bottles that I was once crazy about but now hardly ever wear. I’m at the point in my perfume exploration where I’m sated and know I could whittle my collection down to twenty or thirty bottles that would easily carry me through the rest of my life. The fact that I bought a back-up bottle of Amoureuse is saying something; for me, it's one of those rare perfumes which can’t be replaced by another love. If I look back to when I first reviewed Amoureuse, it was exactly five years ago, and it has stayed on my Top Twenty list all this time. (I’m really glad I keep such a list, because it’s allowed me to see that several things have been replaced on it over time, but overall, I’m pretty constant).

What astonishes me about Amoureuse is that it’s not a perfume I ever get compliments on (that’s another thing I keep a list of—perfumes that fetch me compliments), because there are days when I will catch a whiff of it just walking by my perfume closet (from the residue left behind on the bottle after it’s been sprayed) and it will literally stop me in my tracks. Its combination of stemmy greens and sultry white florals smell thick, gingery and ultra exotic. Amoureuse conjures up images of French Polynesia for me—or maybe Hawaii. It also conjures up one of those cheesy fantasies in which luscious, hula-dancing women want you to hula with them while they place flowers in your hair and leis around your neck … and there is most certainly a gorgeous man about to step around the corner, because how else to explain the kittenish mood coming on?

Quite often, I laugh at perfume names, as so many of them don’t seem to fit the perfume. Amoureuse, on the other hand, is very well named. It’s a scent that initially makes me feel kittenish and frisky, and then hours later, when its randy blooms have succumbed to its creamy sandalwood base, it puts me in a delicious, narcotic stupor. This morning I took advantage of its friskier nature, though not in any x-rated fantasy way: because my back-up bottle arrived early this morning, before I’d even showered or dressed, Amoureuse was what I wore when I went on my daily run outdoors, and it was perfect for this! There is some intense energy that those spicy florals give off, and its sexy vibe made me think about bathing-suit season being just around the corner, which is further incentive to run in 30 degree weather and snow.

Parfums delRae Amoureuse eau de parfum has notes of tangerine, cardamom, French tuberose, French jasmine, Tahitian ginger lily, cedar, moss, sandalwood, honey. It can be purchased from, where a 50-ml bottle is $150.

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