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As a cure for writer’s block, this week I’m going to do something different here at my perfume journal. I’m simply going to write one small post a day about whatever perfume I’m wearing, whether it’s something new or an old favorite, with a short description about the perfume itself, along with some random thoughts about whatever is going through my mind ... either free associations about the perfume, or maybe just a survey of what I’m doing that day which might have nothing to do with perfume (I haven’t decided yet). I’ll state right off the bat that this style of writing doesn’t feel satisfying to me; anyone who has read me regularly knows that I prefer to write a weekly essay that is more meaningful or more entertaining than what you’ll see here over the next five days (five days constitutes a week, doesn’t it?). But sometimes it’s better to write anything at all than to sit on one’s thumbs and hope that inspiration is going to strike, so with that in mind, here’s the first of these small exercises. (I'll be posting these at night, by the way.)

What I’m Wearing, Day Five:

Serge Lutens Muscs Koublaï Khän.
Hmm, how is it that in the short space of five days, I wrote two posts in which I made declarative statements about my perfumed self, and two other posts in which I had to modify, if not altogether retract, those statements? At this rate, you’re going to think I’m a little liar with my pants on fire—especially after stating on “Day One” that Hermes L’Ambre des Merveilles was a little too cloud-like for my tastes, and now here I am waxing rhapsodic about Muscs Koublaï Khän. Which, on my skin anyway, is about as cloud-like as they come. I’m not sure where it gets its reputation for being beastly—maybe it used to be and isn’t now (due to a reformulation)? Or maybe I have what another blogger calls “de-skankatron skin.” I applied six sprays of it today (which is at least three more sprays than I wear of most perfumes) right before hopping in the car to fetch my husband home from work, and he didn’t notice it at all. I had to ask him, “Did you notice my perfume?” and the answer was no—until later, when I was doing something in the living room, and he looked up from his computer game and said he could smell it a little as I moved around the house. “Do I smell like a pretty kitty?” I asked him, leaning in close, because he once told me he thought I smelled like a snow leopard in it (which I took as a compliment, since he has a thing for snow leopards, even though he’s never smelled one) but today he seemed to be drawing a blank. “It does smell a little furry,” he said, “but it’s really hard to make out.”

So okay, I do have a taste for cloud-like perfumes since I really, really love this one. Wearing it in summer is when it's most enjoyable, as the heat and humidity intensifies and brings out MKK’s sensuality (and come to think of it, there was one isolated incidence in which my husband did smell it on my humid wrist and found it ripe—yet only the one time). Wearing it now, in the chill of March, it simply makes me feel like I’ve been curled up in a cocoon of blankets and have emerged with a bit of a glow, as if I was kissing someone—or having a really good nap—but not anything more than that. It’s heavenly, really. If more perfume lovers got this experience from MKK, it would probably be on everyone’s Top Ten list.

More than anything, MKK smells comforting and at ease with the world, and it smells like that to me in any weather, which makes it the perfect perfume to wear on a Friday, when one is expecting and looking forward to the ease of the weekend. This perfume’s sweetly purring nature seems to aid and abet easy decisions, making it feel like a lightbulb-moment when you get the notion to say, “Hey, wouldn’t egg salad sandwiches on toast make a great supper?” And its earthy scent is so agreeable with the aroma of whole grain bread, and the oiliness of good mayonnaise and eggs, that it will absolutely enhance this easy-dining experience and not look at you accusingly, the way a sharp-boned chypre would, for choosing fat over vegetables.

Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan eau de parfum is available from a number of online boutiques, including, where the retail price is $140 for 50 ml.

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This concludes my "Wearing What I Like for a Week" series: as stated earlier, I'm not going for a 7-day week ... just the business week. :-)

March 29, 2013:

A Week of Wearing What I Like: Day Five

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