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Eiderdown Press began as a small press publisher of books in 2003, with the publication of Free Spirits, a coffee-table book celebrating the community of artists and other creative types in Suzanne Keller's hometown of State College, PA.  In 2006, Eiderdown Press released a poetry book titled The Lutz-Morrow Affair (scroll down to learn more).

Free Spirits

Profiles of artists, writers, musicians and others living and working in State College, Pennsylvania (aka Happy Valley)

Published in 2003 and authored by Suzanne Keller, Free Spirits is a beautiful, 72-page, softcover book featuring profiles of men and women avidly sculpting out lifestyles and careers in both the traditional and not-so-traditional arts (including the healing and landscape arts).  With more than 32 black-and-white photographs, this book is a collector's item for anyone who has ever felt a part of the State College community and its local arts scene.

Featured in State College Magazine in March 2004.  Now only $12, plus $5 shipping.  Order your copy today by sending an email to suz @ eiderdownpress.com, and I will send you a Paypal invoice.


Poems by Reggie Lutz & Kathleen Morrow
Featuring photography by Shadows Arcane

A poetry book about growing up in the 1980's, in the midst of the Cold War, Reaganomics, the AIDS epidemic -- and under the influence of an unforgettable pop culture that saw the rise of a glossy and outlandish new Material World.

For writers Reggie Lutz and Kathleen Morrow, the decade of the 1980's marked their formative years: Cold War politics heated up childhood playground games in which they pretended to be spies, while the lure of jelly shoes, stonewash jeans, and mass-merchandised 'designer' goods permeated the cultural climate of their youth.

The Lutz-Morrow Affair examines the relationship these two young women had with the decade that perhaps most shaped their sensibilities and interests -- politically, socially and otherwise. Enhanced with color photographs of the authors (an homage, of sorts, to the Spy vs. Spy comics they grew up with), as well as timelines showing what was happening in the news and playing over the airwaves from 1980-1989, The Lutz-Morrow Affair provides both an intimate look into that relationship and an interesting survey of the times.

Paperback, 96 pages.  Price is $10, plus shipping. Buy your copy here!

  About the Authors...

REGGIE LUTZ has survived Catholic grade school in New Jersey, high school in the coal region of Pennsylvania, and college at Penn State University.Adulthood finds her working as a professional broadcaster and "starving artist." Previous publications include, but are not limited to, a chapbook of poetry titled Stretch with Foothills Publishing under the name C.R. Lutz, and several articles for
State College Magazine.

KATHLEEN MORROW is a middle school teacher of creative writing, martial arts, and childcare. She lives with her son and her partner in State College, Pennsylvania, where she has been known to organize and perform in poetry slams, cheer loudly during sporting events, and dance with herself. Her previous writing endeavors include a poetry chapbook, On the Brink of Something New, published by Holy Fool Press.

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